Don't-- tell me what to do
Don't-- make me talk to you
Don't-- tell me how to act
Don't-- show me what I lack
Don't-- tell me what to eat
Don't-- show me who to meet
Don't-- tell me what to wear
Don't-- give me that fucking stare
'Cause I don't listen to a single word you say
I'm going to live my life my own way
Don't-- criticize me
Don't-- tell me who to be
Don't-- tell me what's good or bad
Don't-- show me the next new fad
Don't-- tell me what to say
Don't-- insist on what I play
Don't-- call me ever again
Don't-- be my fucking friend
Keep your feeble criticisms to yourself
They're not working just as far as I can tell
You keep on talking but it's just a waste of time
Your worthless dialogue won't penetrate my mind
So don't