Stood out in the rain
Let it soak me down,
Before I called you:
I called you

You did not see me there,
Hidden by the dark,
Beneath your window,
But I saw you

When putting on a face for the mirror on the wall
Dreaming that the looking glass is you
Catching my fondest gazes;
Living through my fickle phases
I love you

Spend my time on 'phones,
Tryin' just to talk,
But you didn't answer:
You let it ring

Spend my nights alone,
Catching fallin' stars,
To give to you, love
They're just for you

Stars fall every time a lover has to face the truth
And far too many stars have fell on me
And as they trail the skies,
And burn their paths upon my eyes,
I cry

And it's getting easier, each day, to weep about you
Harder, every night, to sleep without you
How many years must I be,
Driven by this dream of love with you?