Heaven is a 4 Letter Word

There's a rumour here, and it's goin' 'round, can you hear it on the street
If you realize that the pleasure lies between surrender and the heat
Just take a walk on the wild side, babe, then I'll meet you halfway there
And if you're talkin' 'bout paradise
No need to say a prayer, 'cos baby I'll take you there
Hey girl, haven't you heard, heaven is a four letter word
One touch is never enough, you'll find out when you're in the real world
Heaven is a four letter word
Lose your innocence for experience, but you've got to take the chance
Can you rock an' roll, can you get down babe, 'cos it's time for you to dance
Don't need to ride in a limousine to feel like a millionaire
And if you're talkin' 'bout fantasy
It could happen anywhere, baby I'll take you there
It's like love and kiss, and it feels like this, baby don't wait too long
It's just me and you, we know what to do, and it's a long way till dawn, yeah
(Instrumental break)
chorus repeats out