Text písně Blackalicious: Deep In The Jungle (Instrumental)

Deep In The Jungle (Instrumental)

(feat Latyrx)
[Gift of Gab]
And I come like this
I've got a few things I wanna say
[Gift of Gab]
I'm gunnin', ya runnin away, do not stay
Cuz the wrath of the gift will be hittin' ya spliff
And a lot of the crews got sprayed and yelled RAID
Like a couple of roaches, as struggle approaches,
A brother'll blow this
Another ferocious jam, I smother the ?grossagran?
I hover above the land of lame emcees that don't blow
I'm poppin' the clip and then bo bo with the gun
And a once in a munch chest, rest in peace
And I ?bellow you to beast? I abolish emcees with sounds like these
Run over enemies and I rest in the west
Dark hemisphere, burn wit a fear is nothin but a mere setback
Hear when I'm here,
Earn wit a clear conscience in the middle of the jet black
I'm a dog, running through the jungle
Wit a hoodie and black hat choppin down ?noonsies?
Not a frog, cunning yet I'm humble
Gotta do the jewels tack wack talkin clowns
Tip me, I'ma knock 'em all around, bust a front
With a fat blunt swinging on a vine in the homeland
I'ma tack 'em in the sound little punks when the rap bump
Springin on the rhyme I bowl man
Gifted when I'm lifted off a spliff hit,
Reminisce shit, riff with dipshits
This shit is the mischievous style of the gifted,
I'm a whiz kid, get a whiff kid
Swingin' down low, breakin' down flows
With a new flow medley outgrow when you step back
To the black with a fat rap with a fat sack
With a little bit a funk in my napsack
Take it back to the brother land
And I was smotherin' stupid idiots like Tarzan
Givin' back to the brother man and get an