My Bottle Of Beer's Empty

Steady up boy don't go too fast
Don't you know that tonight is gonna be a blast
Or don't go too slow and don't use that tone

We people are the guys of tomorrow
Though our air is hell full of sorrow
And we all use a gun, a knife or an arrow
Or a certain native accent "i'll be thare tomarrow"

What is the world apart from a dump
There aint much more to it than a mingin tree stump
And all fat bastards do is slouch and slump
And all drunks are now getting too quite plump

We take it all for granted
Like the trees that we've planted
They'll grow hella big
But not as fat as a pig tee hee

You really have to see
What has been done to me
Beer is now an icon
The world would be a Damn
If there were no beer cans
Which was a hell lot different past times


We know, erm, nothing
Our heads are bare
Because our teachers said
You've an education to spare
How is that we've all gone splat

So it was said to me
By Mrs Mekempty
You'd be in jail if you said
My bottle of beer's empty