3rd verse
Hold up
Now niggaz tellin in the movies?
What's the name of part two?
Get rich or die snitchin?
Stay away
Order in the
What's ya name?
Stop bitchin!
Call the reporter
She got tape recorder
Got chea
"he laced some thing"
In the booth
Tellin truth
With ya right hand high
Left shakin
Dawg stop fakin
You'z a window shopper
One sign to that one way glass to cops
How many leg pops did it take to break you?
I know a wild nigga in jail who'd love to break you
Said he liked u all greased up, muscles ripped
'cause the bigga u iz, the smaller ya dick
And the smaller the dick
It remind him of the pussy
U got the right nigga when u go thru gp
Cp hood rat
Born & bread
So i ain't mine man enough for anything i said
Mi let it slide
I tried to ryde it
But i got shut down
Bitch whaddup now?
I don't run with beef u can bring it
I know ya snitch ass song u can sing it
He did it she did it they did it
And what?
Sign ya statement
Ya 15 minutes is up
U fucked u fucked u fucked