Text písně Guy Sebastian: All I Need Is You-Guy Sebastian

All I Need Is You-Guy Sebastian

Your all
All that i need x2

I remember in the day
Being all so independent
I remember how i'd say
I could never fall i was cynical
Funny now im in the daze
Since you came into my life
Now ill never be the same
Baby im amazed by the love you gave

Finally i can see
What a life really means to me
To me babe


All i need is you in my life forever
All i need is you everyday by my side
Got to let you know your the one that i treasure
I could search the world but never find
That love that is between you and i-i-i
All i need is you

When i look into your eyes
Theres a feeling that i cant explain
That is when i realise
That all I desire is to be by your side
Now whenever im alone
I wonder how i live without you
Shouldve known all along
That my only world has you in it girl

Finally i can see
What life really means
To me to me yeah

Chrous x2
(minus the All i need is you-the last line of chorus)

How did i find such a love so surreal
When ive only done a little right
Now i can see that it cant be deserved
That the freedom that you give is mine

Chrous (fades till end)