Head In The Sand

Someone had to tell you
Might as well it be me
You've been fooling no one
If you only could see
Do you understand?

You've got quite a problem
Lost your job you know why
But you can't admit
So full of it you might die
Do you understand?

Just keep your head in the sand

Teenage alcoholic
Grew too old to be fun
Just another loser
Ain't no use to no one

You can't understand
Give yourself excuses
Just as boozers all do
Why invent a reason?
No none sees it like you
Do you understand?

You've got your head in the sand
(Have another and another and another)

Everything is hopeless
Drink to cope, it don't help
What's it take to make you
Wide awake to yourself ?

Your head's in the
(Buried deep below)
Your head's in the
(You don't wanna know)

Your head's in the
(You've got feet of clay)
Your head's in the
(Drink your tears away)