In the Echo Chamber

As I was out walking home alone one night
I saw this man approaching, he wore a coat of white
He said, "You don't know me, but you'll very soon find out
Then the world was darkness as a cloth clamped around my mouth

I said, where am I? Ohh
Where am I? Ohh
I'm gonna rue
How can I escape?

Slowly I recovered, my head was aching bad
I was laying on the carpet inside this madman's la
Then a voice was speaking from behind a glass walled booth
It said, "Welcome stranger, we've got serious work to do"

Where am I? Ohh
Where am I? Ohh
Someone say more
What's his fiendish plan?

He simply, calmly said "You are my guinea pig

I'm an unsound engineer
I'm going to see how much a man can dig
A thousand voices in his ever decreasing human ear"

In the echo chamber I almost went insane
Even my own heartbeat caused my eardrum pain
It was like a Phil Spector nightmare, that crazy echo machine ran wild
It was louder, getting louder, I thought that I would die

Where am I? Ohh
Where am I? Ohh, say more
I never got out of there though I've tried and tried
For twenty more years

That's why I am where I am now, yes
Where am l? Ohh, where am l? Ohh
Where am l? Ohh, where am l?
Gonna tear it down before I go
Ah, c'mon, Michaelangelo, you know