A Thunderous Consequence

A massive force cuts through the land
Hopes of victory as failure looms
The pressure is building as spirits die
The great Crusade to clean the world

Step out of consciousness and move with instinct
Mortal men with heavy hearts
The Devil's game is played for keeps
Pave the way for years to come

Inevitable course upon death's path
March toward the horizon's end
Conviction and strength will carry them through
To last another day
Raging fires and chunks of earth
Will throw them off their path
The wailing sounds of comrades lost
They'll carry to their graves
End this war bring them homes bring them back alive
Take control force the end overwhelm them with might
The onslaught the carnage will scar them for life
Their innocence their youth was lost forever
Acres of death, oceans of blood
Onward mercilessly, to triumph or failure