In This State Of Mind

Look at my surrounding, and I see things through distorted eyes
And where I must be going is surely a place that I cannot hide
And as I start my walking, I can't help but see things that I don't recognize
And in this world of swerving, I must find people I know, things to do, places to go
Concoctions that will make this grow

Cause in this state of mind
I can see what I can't find
But my sight is quickly fading
In this state of mind

When I cannot hold you, I go off by myself and I resort
But what you think I'd turn to, is nothing normal, nothing of the sort
But sorrow and solitude, is not something that I am wishing for
So to relinquish my mood, I set 'em up, I knock 'em down, I go out laced to paint the town
But that's not what you're looking for

Cause in this state of mind
Time just seems to fly
And you tell me that I'm not myself
In this state of mind

Got a feelin' I'm not worthy
I'm fallin' deeper and I'm caught
Cause I see the reality I can no longer get what I want