Day & Night (Feat Jadakiss)

JADAKISS TALKING That's right Isyss, Jadakiss ya heard let's get it on
You got a house on the hill
Chromed out ride you live that life
Giving me everything that I dream
All the time on a creep first class flights, sea in sight all night
Never thought that this could ever take control of me
Day and Night
I know what to do
Your always on my mind
Dreaming of you
It feels so right
But I know that it's wrong
That I know I got a man
Just can't leave you alone
Verse 2:
(Quiet nights on the sand)
Private beach, shopping sprees, diamond rings,
All the things that I can't get at home
Never could understand
A thing like me
To under use the material things
I'm caught up in love of a secret life
Never thought that I
Would ever feel this way
All the things that I believed in went our way
Right from the start
You took my heart
I'm in love what can I say
A yo you just can't leave me alone
See me alone
The Porche is
Black the B's is chrome
He's at home
You with me
Its the 463 cribs and some jewerly
Don't worry I can put you through school for free
So if that's cool with you it's cool with me
Princess Shaneti
Tennis your wrist
Anything you wish
Isyss and Kiss
You thinking of me so what you really got him for
Let's go to the mall
And close down the Prada store
And even if you don't rock diamonds
Maybe you would like to go deep sea fishin' and rock climbin'
Pop wine and horse-back ridin'
You shot gun scared cause the Porche back slidin'
And your friends say that J aint right
But you know we go together like day and night