Stand Up

You can have the world
If the world is what you need
Take me round in circles
I'll follow where you lead
Go anywhere
If it's where you wanna go
It used to be for something
But lately I don't know

"Take me far away",
All the people say
You're the price I pay,
Blame me
Leave you far behind,
Search until I find
I could lose my mind,
Shame me,
Tame me

I'll play the game,
No matter what they say
Holding on to pieces,
I'll follow anyway
Be anyone
If it's who you wanna be
Someday soon my day will come
And you can set me free

Stand up and give me a reason,
I can't go on livin' a lie
You're hiding behind so many faces
It's more than I need to get by
Stand up and give me a reason
You don't even ask me to stay
You think I'll be back here tomorrow,
But you've seen me for the last time today