Is That You

Is That You?

Losing sleep I watch the clock another day,
The light goes on, the light goes off,
and still your awake

I sleep alone, eat on my own most every night,
And now you've come home, you're here with me tonight

Chorus :-
Is that you, is that somebody one i used to know?
Are you the same girl that i used to kiss long ago?
Are you the true love that left me and ran away with my soul?
Is that you?

Never thought I'd ever see that girl again,
Funny how over the years you've still been my friend,
So how can I resist you when I need you so?
There's no time for tears, there's no letting go

(repeat chorus)

Is that you? Ooh,
Is it you? Is that you?
Are you the same girl? (are you the same girl?)
Are you the right one for me? ( are you the right one for me?)
Ooh Is that you?
Baby, baby, is it you?

(repeat chorus to fade)