Dear Old Barkerville

Barkerville, on the old gold trail,
Invites you all to come and see her boomtown memories
Barkerville, on the old gold trail
Old west times in dear old Barkerville!

Now don't you miss their theatre, the "Theatre Royale"
They play old west characters that can sing and dance as well
And this is where old "Sid" would twist up his old face -
The funny man with the rubber jaw is now doing "Pharmasave"

Now in all her tiny windows and in all her ancient doors,
It looks the way it must have been from the ceilings to the floors
And the dentist is still a-looking at the tooth that he just pulled,
And all the ghosts around this place are still yelling "GOLD!"(CHORUS)

You can walk up to the courthouse and see old Judge Begbie
There's stagecoach rides and don't forget her old cemetery
Where the tombstones are a-leanin', but the words can still be read,
Like "Sleep, Bella, Sleep" - she still clangs among the dead (CHORUS)

And the lovers that burnt her down are restin' peacefully
For the kiss that knocked the iron over burnt the tent you see,
And that tent burnt the next tent, which burnt the next tent too,
Until most of Barkerville was burnin' from their woo (CHORUS)