No matter where I go, your always there
cause no matter where I sit man, I sit in fear
A Martial law soon taken effect,
They stole the right to be defiant, while we're turning our heads
The informed citizen became un-American,
for reading a book instead of watching the television
Supporting peace and not the president
Rather die on the cross than for a fucking republican
Speaks about sacrifice, National honor,
Take one for the team, man just do what you're ordered
Well I won't go out like that Don't care what you say
Bet that ass would think different if you're at the draft age

AMERIKA (Watching You)
AMERIKA (Cause you're watching Me)
AMERIKA (Watching You)
AMERIKA (Better start watching Me)

The simple fact remains, that it's more than just me
There's a whole generation taking over the streets
Ready to smash back the system that made our lives useless
Masses think you're Jesus, but we know that you're Judas
Slaving us out, hate all the bosses
Put in all the work, but you make all the profits
No bullshit talk, reform is just retarded,
Start a revolution, get the party started

AMERIKA (Watching You)
AMERIKA (Cause you're watching Me)
AMERIKA (Watching You)
AMERIKA (Watching you watch me)
Cause We've been wathching you
Cause You've been watching me