Text písně Korova: Awakening From Perpetual Contemplation

Awakening From Perpetual Contemplation

Thrown back to this Life
After Centuries of Mourning
I gave my Youth to be immortal
But with me my Grief can't cease

I return to a World where Baseness reigns
Subhumans control platitudinously
Like thousand Contagions it deforms your Mind,
Obey and join Mediocritie's Void

A shallow Existence in Sycophancy,
Replaceable Numbers, devoid of Nobility,
What warrants your Judging on my divine Feats,
Low Life without the Right to exist

I enter the Realm my Beloved is gone
Mesmerized with Peaches in her Hand
Before Metamorphosis came to an End
Dews touched her Pustules and she went beyond

Phantasmagoric, scarlet Lips,
In burning Fervour I devote
Immersed in an ethereal Kiss
Beneath the Trees where Marble grows

Sister, Brocade in gorgeous Fanes,
In Delirium we are combined
Rivulets of yearning Dreams
Flow to the Seas with putrid Choirs

Concealed in a Reverie
Of sylvan Clouds in golden Skies
A Nihilist in Misanthropy
Weeps on Mirror's other Side

Where Ants vaporize on cold Stones
Our stillborn Children play
Incorporeally mirthless Games
With wan and ulcerous Hands

[Lyrics written in Autumn 1992]
[Music finished in May 1994]