Mrs. Cruver

Mrs. Cruver and I were together for a while, but that is over now.
Times are changing, I'm a scum.
Guess I ain't the only one you will ever see around, walking roadless in this town.
My mind recalls upon a time - we were stupid, we were blind.
In the sunshine you looked so fine.
It's only 19 floors to go. She's on the top and out of control.
It's only 19 floors to go. She's on the top, and I'm on parole.

Mrs. Cruver and I will be together in the sky, but for now I'll let it lay.
I'm getting tuned out day by day. Times have changed, but not me.
I'm the same I'll always be. Get my feet back on the ground –
Moving to this groovy sound.
It's only 19 floors to go…

I'm climbing the stairs, but she's climbing everywhere.
I think It's time for me to leave and see what I can achieve.
I do for a living what I can. I'm what you call a self-made man.
Why can't I take just what I find. Take a look at that shoeshine!
It's only 19 floors to go…