MrPolice did ya hear me
You can do ya JOB wit out fuckin' touchin' me(ay ay)
MrPolice did ya hear me
You ain't shit wit out yo fuckin'badge get to fuckin' round me(ay ay)
(repeat X2)
this little piggie ran home(home)
and that little piggie ran home(home)
erroby wanna know what happenned in the land,
we had a complication but they don't wanna let it go,
trying to push me, oh bitch police,
actin hard with ya suite but a badge can't fool me,
come on dawg, don't take your job that serious
a gun'll kill any fuckin cat that's curious,
is a lot of hard heads in the streets thas furious,
aint nothing you can tell, aint nothing you can do to us
with ya chest all out, trynna be bad,
nigga i can tell you broke 'cause you took my cash,
one side of a ? imma whoop yo ass,
come on man why you trynna arrest,
don't wanna let a nigga out the hook wanna go by the book,
when we blow dope in our eyes you da biggest crook,
stop actin you know you on that powder,
punk ass probly sniff dope bout a fuckin hour,