What Are You Proposing

Tisknout   |   Upravit

It sounds so nice
What you are proposing
Just once or twice
And not disclosing
And not disclosing how we're really
really feeling
What are you proposing -
The other night
As I was leaving
A looks left and right
And not believing
And not believing what I'm finally believing
What you're proposing -
I'll get it right
If i'm composing
But then I might
Be runnin' nosin'
I might be runny
runny nosin'
But you're supposing -
Don't be so sure
And just supposing
We yell for more
And compromising
And compromising leads to really
really feelin'
And just supposing -
Don't get me wrong
I'm only dreaming
It can't be long
I must be draming;
I must be dreaming
only dreaming
I might just supposing -
It sounds so nice

The other night