I Got A Letter From Home

[ Don Rich ]
I've got a letter from home today mama didn't have a lot to say
Said that papa ain't a feeling too good ain't been a eatin' the way he should
Little brother is still a pest little sister is such a mess
Big brother's got a lotta new friends and big sister fell in love again
Makes me wanna go home where I can feel free to take a walk
And understand people when they talk I got a letter from home
Makes me wanna go home
[ acguitar ]
Uncle Bill bought a brand new car said it like to be where you are
Aunt Alice got a brand new house the one whose husband is such a louse
Your best girl friend she just left town some other guy's been a hangin' round
Someone here that I want you to meet a new girl that lived across the street
Makes me wanna go home
Oh I gotta get home oh I wanna go home