All I Want

I just want to get a little more out of my payday
Finally own a care that doesn't break down on the freeway
A littel vacation ain't asking very much
I hate comin' home to this old broken down apartment,
Wish I had a dime for every hold that's in the carpet
No, I don't want it all but I ain't got enough
All I want is a life
Drink from a glass from a well that ain't dry
I'm sick of the crumbs I want a piece of that pie
All I want is a life
I don't mind the hours and the pain that comes from workin',
But it's enough to kill me when I see my baby hurtin'
Wanna give her that diamond I never got to buy
She keeps tellin' me that everthing is gettin' better,
But one stop up the rung and someone knocks me off the ladder,
I wanna break, even someday before I die