Balance of Power

Twisted minds that work as one,
They plot your destiny
You stand and watch your only son,
Deprived of dignity
Contempt and hatred all you feel,
Devoted loyalty
A wound you know will never heal
Doubting integrity

You sent him out to pay the price
Did what you thought was best
You sent him out to be a man
Almost laid to rest
Unseen powers that deal the cards,
Faceless homocide
A bitter rage you can't reveal,
Because of stupid pride

What you want ain't always good for you
It;s just the way the balance swings for you,
Balance swings for you

Have no conscience, feel no pain,
All you need's a flag
No glory now, the switch is made,
Uniform to body bag
But after all, did you see the truth?
Find the real war?
What you want ain't always good for you
No cause worth dying for
What you want