Having a problem, turn on the TV
Got too much money, give it to me
I'll say what you wanna hear,
Do what you think I should
'Cause I'm on your side,
Don't be misunderstood
Will I retain my sanity?
Or tumble into vanity?
Effect all of Humanity,
You will pay

Reach out for something, escape reality
Insane suicide, pay the penalty
Don't see what's the final move,
On how to play the game
Don't think you'll end up like them
Don't think that you're the same
Will I retain

Murder you justify, so your hands are clean
Carry out the task you set,
Homage to the green
Taking life without a care,
Sadist of a kind
Making you into a man,
A man without a mind
Will I retain

Do I control my destiny,
Or there's a higher authority,
That commits atrocity
I fear for humanity