Sangtekster for Adina Howard: Crank Me Up (Featuring Missy Elliott)

Crank Me Up (Featuring Missy Elliott)

Yeah, Uh Huh
Betta pump this in yo jeep
Betta turn the volume up
Wanna smoke a little this stuff
That's the way we blaze on up (2x)
Boy ain't a freak like me
That could do it constantly
That surely get busy
Wanna feel a part of me
Verse I
You make my heart beat faster (yeah)
You got the I'll flow like a rapper
I'll lace you with good sensations
Ya lovin' be my first occupation
This is how I'm puttin' it down
For my peeps, on the other side of town
Can you tell me, are you feeling me?
And if you're feeling me then pump this in your jeep
Play this in your jeep
Ooh Ahh baby, show me love (show me love)
Ooh Ahh baby, Crank me up (Crank me up)
Ooh Ahh baby, show me love (show me love)
Ooh Ahh baby, Crank me up
Verse 2
Baby why you frontin' on me?
Won't you come and spend some time?
Won't you come and chill with me?
I know you wanna smoke this
All I ever wanted you to do
Is to feel me
I wanna sit and get you in the mood
But you gotta play this in your jeep
In your jeep
You got it, tell me how you want it
How you want it, I wanna make it funky (4x)
Bump this shit in your jeep

Round and Round
Let's get to' down
Feelin' my body, my body (4x)