Uhh so, hi! Thank you very very much for many things,
Thanks Umm, thanks for clapping now Thanks Umm, first of
All thank you for sticking around through the nastieness that
Is in this room, and uhh well so yea Whoops Uhh yea I'm
Atom from over there, I write songs on music sequencers and
Synthesizers and play them alot, and uhh So, this is the last
Show that I'm playing at this So thank you very very much
For coming, umm thanks that's very nice Umm so yea I know
Alot of people have come from a really flattering distance,
And uhh a lot of people have said some very touching things
To me so thanks very much, I will stop saying things now and
Here are lots of songs This is gonna be a long thing so we'll
All be dead YEA! Hey John, could you turn up the vocals and
The moniter just a hair and then songs will be played Okay,
So thanks very much, very all very hot already so ve might
As well, i dunno, i hope you enjoy this Lets have big dance
Party Okay, your right, this is a song about the metric
System and how wise it is Thank you, And it's a song about
How it's embarassing to meet anyone else from any other
Country, except for part of England I suppose, and why we
Should kill ourselves