Dreams, Like Deserts

Leave me with my tragedies,
those who stick to me like wet leaves
in the (dry) sunlight
My face is frozen, byt my eyes still see,
for I am in your dreams and fantasies

Leave me with my misery,
the one who cover me with glory
and enter me like a slave in the dry sunlight
That light that burned my face
to what you can see, a tragedy
it sculptured me
For I am your dreams and fantasies

Dreams, like deserts
Dreams, like stone
Dreams from flesh to bone
Dreams, like deserts
Dreams that moan,
for I am in your twilight-zone

Leave me with my destiny, the one who lick my scars
The one who grants its flesh to me, and to my marbled anxiety
My soul is frozen, my flesh is weak, for I am dreams and fantasies

[Phrase by TWarrior '85]