Everything I own

Do you wanna - come dancing honey
Come take this chance of love
Oh, don?t do it - too hot to stop it
Come call me dr love
Love is a dangerous game
Oh, gimme gimme what I need tonight
Come in my arms again
Baby, my love is deep inside
Deep inside

I give you everything I own
I give my love - my heart my home
I?m tossing and turning - my heart is burning
The rest of my life
I give you everything I own
I give my love, my heart, my home
Forever and ever - staying together
The rest of my life

Rock me baby - oh be my lady
Oh, let the good times in
Now or never - never say never
You?re my everything
If we should lose this love
The pain is in my heart - is in my soul
In need that sweet, sweet stuff
Oh baby, I can feel I lose control
Lose control