Body Snatchers

[Intro - Terrar]
Yeah, yeah
What y'all wanna do?
What y'all wanna do?
C-L, I-P, S-E, N-E-R-D
What y'all wanna do?
[Verse - Terrar]
My coke money's in cleaners
Give it a fresh rinse
That bitch wit the tech, first line of defense
Pullin' up in the Ac' black shit wit dents
Test her aim, we'll be speaking your name in past tense
Dress have you stressed till all black the scheme
Chest poor formation when I'm wit my team
Stand on the back line, rope fit for kings
How we floss, high gloss, we livid through your dreams
Death before dishonor, cut by Kitana
Play while I lay, bathhouse Tijuana
Getting fucked by Lana, hoes in the sauna
Like I asked though, but her head was the trauma
Arrogant for a reason, sex all season
Two chicks, one dick, the odds are uneven
Niggaz die for treason, heart stop beating
Hang em from the lightpoles wintertime, when it's freezing
Take the safety off lock, forty cali' chrome cock
All I wanna hear, pows and pops
And your last two breaths fore your breathin stop
Bodysnatch you, whether it's rhythm or ones
Bodysnatch you, whether grenade or guns
Yo to all of my rivals, hold you bitches liable
When it's time I'm pulling out my nine from the Bible
[Chorus - Magnum