Breakfast In Cairo

[Verse 1 - Malice]
You'll never catch these fugitives, this high speed
With hoppin' water, see-thru blue on jet skis
They twist trees, bend in they head to run my single
Mean while we minglin' chicks that's bilingual
Haters be like we sick of them, niggas in the whip sippin' gin
Switchin' lanes without signalin'
But they watch they mouth, because my dogs they ignorant
While I'm laid back, rockin' the Link, fuck what ya'll think
Stress-free, index finger mixing my drink
You see we hot like two 4-5th with gold clips
Ain't none of y'all fuckin' with this, it's hopeless
Malice on that raw shore shit, cut your throat shit
[Chorus x2 - Clipse]
This is for my thug hustlers, dealers and gun runners
To my niggas locked, holdin' it down in body numbers
Think of the Clipse when the whole clique in black hummers
Stackin' them chips and let them tricks get nothing from us
[Verse 2 - Noreaga]
I'm wit' Kurupt, in LA, you know, my main homie
Readin' books by thugs, it's like my some cody
Get on some NO shit, like what up woady
Hey yo, off top, I'm like Puff, just won't stop
I get drunk and hit them hoes with the Smirnoff cock
Neptunes lace the beat that'll rock your block
I'm movin' on like Mya and Silkk
We don't mix like Hinny and milk
I got the cover and grill
Now, everybody a thug, look what I built
I keep it hot, while them sissy niggas been done chill
I let 'em live, you know I could've had them killed
Five thousand and one, faylaced by Troy
Fuck with Nore then you know that you some dumb boy
Me and Clipse got clips for ya'll faggots and boy
[Verse 3 - Kurupt]
I blaze rhyme