[*phone rings*]
[Pharrell] Hello?
[Terrar] Yo Pharrell, get the fuck up
Get the fuck up right now
[Pharrell] Huh?
[Terrar] Yo, it's your day date and we go this nigga tied down, right now
[Pharrell] Yo, wait til' I get there
[Malice] Dawg, you ain't gonna make it out of here bitch
Fuck what you thinkin' nigga?
Hold him up yo, ya'll ready to do this nigga
Why not, I got his ass, I got his ass
[Verse - Malice]
You don't really want none of this though
I let 'em know from the get go
See ya'll is a bit slow
Tryin' come wit the hits but they missed though
Retaliate make 'em drop like a six fo'
Why you hate 'cause I didn't give a shoutout
Or the way that my shine turn the spot out
You think you can rhyme but you not out
Or the way we drop the top when it's hot out
Anyone you can pick and choose
Why ya'll stagnant, my niggaz stick and move
My name say it all, ain't got shit to prove
My whole mental ain't shit to lose
You all niggaz snooze if you wanna
But you gonna be a gonna, please forgive me, your honor
But that fool tried to take what's mine
That's the reason I had to utilize my nine
Otherwise, you can be right here now
Talkin' bout how the Clipse don' bit his style (style)
Back in the day how we did him foul (foul)
Or how we don' switched, how you like me now?
And anything else that them haters may say
Come how you want, just bring it the right way
Mayday, what they gon say
Coming to they hood, the Clipse and Tammy
[Chorus - Tammy Lucas]
Mother fucker what you here for?
Now you wonder why I gotta the chrome four to your ear for
So you can hear yo (Uncle T