Waiting For Enoch Arden

To suffer for love and try to forgive
The awfulness that follows from it
When the sirens of doubt still sounding off loud
Send warnings out to the panicking crowd

Who will run to their homes and bury themselves
In a frozen life that no summer can melt
Where they live way too long and they never forget
The tortured face of the one who gets left

We could tell, we got home
And it can't ever be the same
And it won't ever be the same
So we try to focus on those few bright moments

But as for me, I guess I'm different
I never felt that need to live
These tangled veins constrict to hold
The fears flow through them
Useless pride just leaves me nervous
I got all this time but still no purpose for anything

'Cause he could've stayed but he didn't want to
I never said I'd die for love
I never said I'd die for love
I never said I'd die for love but I would

This ruthless day slowly repeating
So stagnant truth can
Lose its meaning after a while
If there's nothing left to keep ya breathing

Restless bed keeps me reacting
To turn it off seems so attracting
Just disappear because I tried to stay
But I couldn't help him

We could, we got home
And it would never be the same
It can never be the same
And we it call it progress
Such perfect moments

And tonight drown my confidence
But do not sit here waiting
For the years to swallow us
I'll just go