Dark Laboratory

Tonight I declare personal war on all you motherfuckers

In my dark laboratory, awaiting sequels
I install fucking bullets in my stealth maneuver
Sophisticated weaponary and map navigation
My regiment slaughters and murders at random
Killing fields that were ravaged by conflict
High power destination get yourself assasinated
Homie serio I let the dope combine
While these bitch ass vatos try and block my shine

Hey gato, drag this punk to the alley
Throw him in the garbage can and set his ass on fire
He's bleeding all over the motherfucking carpet
Hey Bugsy go bury these guns and dump this car by the airport
Meet me back at the studio at 11:35
Haha, check it out homie homie
I came to put it down for my barrio and your barrio
That's right, that's all I gotta say
I got your issue homie
The streets ain't no motherfucking joke ese
Conejo, I'm a fallen angel
In my dark laboratory