Pocos Pero Locos Drop

Los Angeles
Live and direct from Planet Los Angeles
Power 106, we got Conejo and Bandit up in this canton
Chicano Rap taking over your radio station
Watch out homey

Somos pocos pero locos, Tattoo Ink homes
What you vatos from the area stay back to the bumps
Sunday nights on your FM dial
Jams from the barrio about the homies on trial
Soy Conejo, I'm in your airwaves
And I'm distributing sound that be controling the town
Fallen Angel, I got explicit contents
Checking vatos on the mic, spitting all of that nonsense
Back down, I'll bring your Latin's finest
In Southern California causing gangster riots
I got Khool-Aid, I got Johnny Cuervo
I'm talking serio pedo, I ain't playing no juegos
Keep it hard while I watch you crumble
Enemigas wanna hate cuz the vato marinates
I'm a rider and I got your fix
Just tune in to the station ese, Power 106