Bad To The Bone

Hey yo, I'€™m bad to the bone, with a style like Al Capone
But '€¦ I'€™m black like Corleone
My dress '€¦ mentally disturbed
My benz pop but I curb puffing a bag of '€¦
The cops got a lot of questions they like to ask me
Cause I ride through philly lookin'€™ flashy
But my 20 lawyer smart '€¦ so fat, louie vuitton on her feet
'€¦and everything about me is throw back benzes
Like '€¦ handling business
Still '€¦ brain for tenses '€¦
My life'€™s bliss '€¦ own stock'€¦bitches... in my phone
Cast in the '€¦bigger numbers in the caiman
I'€™m so talented I got it off from entertainment
But never fuck with a bitch that'€™s got a '€¦
Lookout for a real queen, that'€™s what I am about
I write riddles, I don'€™t make it rain I stack '€¦
You see dumb niggers and I crack my pistols
I'€™m '€¦ hundred shots coming at ya
Where is your t cups, girls d cups
Rappers got you '€¦ about the creeper
'€¦be killing shots like this is a fetus
We'€™ll make you dumb niggers think you can beat us
This shit you putting in your blunt must beat us
Well I'€™ma let you next '€¦with a gun shot
And put a bucket on your head while I'€™m on top
You girl pussy it'€™s just another side hustle
And I don'€™t stress nothing nigger I apply muscle
'€¦ in this everyday struggle'€¦ time will tell
But for now I'€™m doing real well
I sip champagne, saint germaine, slash your red wine
Right before I head line, to tell the double you top floor bed time
The greatest rapper now yeah I must confess
I'€™m underrated and I'€™m alone
And coming for the throne, and bad to the bone.