Count Me Out

You want me to stay but I'm far away
Our time is gone
Count Me Out
You say I'm the one who's changing all the time
And I guess you are right
You say I'm not the guy I used to be
It makes me proud
Count Me out
Cause you're a prisoner of your own yesterday
I'm far away
Count Me Out

Take a good look around this is my home town
I don't live here no more
The same old streets and stupid faces - nothing changes
Count Me Out
It's a Sunday morning
They're washing their cars
Nobody's home
Yesterday is just like tomorrow
Same old sorrow
Count Me Out

You better Count me out
Count Me Out

Maybe I'm wrong, just another wayward son
As long as I run
Count Me Out
I don't know but feel I'm on my way
Making my day
On my own

When you think I'm the one to play it cool
When you think I'm the fool you better count me out
You better think twice and treat me nice
Cause otherwise you better count me out

Count Me Out
Count Me Out