Can't contain it any longer
Fuck her lifeless pale cold body
Dead eyes pleading me to stop

Hanging corpse, shackled whore
Scraping ripping organs dripping
Intestines draped ejaculated

Dead fuck, dead fuck, dead fuck,
dead fuck Dead fuck, dead fuck!

Decrepitated pendulum rotting meat hangs above
Hands sawed off at the wrists, impending gore sadistic bliss

She looked better from my ceiling
Nice and butchered quite appealing
Guts reveal my dead fucked whore
Rotten corpse that I adore

Writhing as I finger fuck your open wounds Invigorated lacerated
cunnilingus spread your gash Ejaculated carving features no compassion,
brutalizing Decimating chunks of flesh Carcass fully decomposed, freshly
slaughtered undulating
Eviscerated succubus, macerate One with death I bite the heart A sadists
tale never ending Should have listened from the start Masticated

Mashing chunks of rancid spew
Dead flesh splatters on my face
Seeping temptress now exhumed
Filthy bitch left in disgrace

Coagulated sea of red
Freshly heap my new found joy
Cadaver swarming infestation, putrefy
Scent assaulting from a distance
Your virgin ass I can't resist it

Stomping with sadistic rapture
Caving bones to compound fracture
Now I crush your deformed head
Mangled body left for dead

Dead fuck! Dead fuck! Dead fuck!