Masticate To Dominate

Twisting the knife-embedded in flesh
Scarring daggers into the eyes
turned into rage, released as hate
Slowly I cut straight to the bone
Features contort distending in pain
Scream if you like I find it exciting
I will enjoy making you suffer again and again
Until your face goes blank!

Crushing appendages
Torment excruciating

Slumping in a heap,
lying there unconscious in a short lived purgatory
Bleeding broken
Fastened tightly to the table Voltage ripping through the body to revive
with agony
Brought back to hell!


Watching the knife gush from the flesh
Staring into your dying eyes
Lust !!!!
Turned into rage, released as hate
Slashing the knife across your throat
drowning in blood gasping for air
seeing you die I find exciting
I have enjoyed making you suffer until the end:

The end of your fucking life!