Stitched Oral Asphyxia

Murder my patience falls
Your corpse is my dead conscience
Tolerance for screams and bullshit now extinct
She begins to frenzy

Savagely beaten
Anyone dares to confront me
I'll enjoy
Making her face into craters

Seething all I detest
Genitals embedded with flesh

Nose smashed flat into the face
Mouth stitched shut
Cries for help spat through busted lips
Dying each breath choking on broken teeth
Forced down to her knees

Driving spikes through the wrists
Pale white eyes sunken deep
Sternum is dripping pus
Lips sewn shut to it's cock
Choking whore on her knees
Stitched oral asphyxia

Bleeding almost lifeless
Pain excruciating
Fading into darkness
Bloodied pummeled:GORE!

Murdered my victims falls
To arouse my lust for torture
Searching for more blood to feed my appetite Everyone fuels my raging