i, i justthis will be the last time, if you leave i, just want to fall
this will be the last time, if you leave,
i want to close my eyes and imagine what is going on around me as i fall through the sky
this will come back to me a thousand times
the sound of the wind would cripple the hearing of any other noise,
violently i would reach the thick,
gray clouds and take a deep breath,
if you leave i, ive washed away sins from my mind time,
this all will be just wasted time the cool air would fill my lungs,
you says its hardly bleeding
i would feel the water droplets form on my face as i raced downward toward earth
but you cant see as closely as i can feel faster and faster,
we have all bled before, i would plummet toward the ground
we all know it heals and goes away
it would be so cold you cant understand why i want it to stay
chill bumps would cover my ice cold body
thoughts of how great things change are at the moment,
and if your promise not to try would dominate my mind thoughts of the future gone forever
i promise worries of what has happened will be left in the clouds
the clouds would rain those worries somewhere else, this time strange though,
i think i hear traffic i wont hurt you