This must be the place
I can tell by your glare
I wouldn't touch you on a dare
Seven months to June and even then, so what?
My mouth is open, my book is shut
My air guitar is out of tune
My stupid hair is so '82 to you
At least I don't fit in
Corner me in Chemistry
It's all just simple math to me
Call me your names
Make them stick
I'll laugh until I am sick
Glad that that's all through
Got better friends to do
Just can't remember where I left them
I'll see you all in class
Not if I ditch first
Expect the best, accept the worst
Walk until your blush subsides
Drink beneath the 405 in the ivy and think about that girl
Two grades below
She pierced her nose way before it was cool
Some older guy with a motorbike picks her up after school
This school's a living hell
I work and don't get paid
I smoke a lot but can't get laid
Sit and stare, it's all we do
All my friends are broken, too
We're just waiting Waiting to begin