A darker power
Thick blood inside a flower
A beast who preys on love,
The need is there
It supersedes the care
Driving the flesh to merge this urge
It's come to killing
The reckless ones who need fulfilling
Anything for a laugh,
A senseless murder
You meant to love but found you hurt her
Only in death will she forget
Doesn't matter much
Everyone is out of touch
And no one wants to learn
What I'm talking about is a city full of fear and doubt
And I'd like to see it burn
She moves his hand
He has a larger plan
He thinks she'll like it in the end,
The end
It was the screaming
A part of her got too close
The kind of truth that hurts the most
I understand it
A drowning man grabs all he can
Just tell it to her friend,
Hunger moves us
It makes us kill and then it soothes us
Some call it a right
I call it a wrong