Candy Kisses

Choclate covered candy kisses they keep me reminiscing all I want is what you're giving so in love and your the reason there's no more lonely season lately boy you drive me crazy, think I want ot be your baby (repeat) Saw you in a claub last nite, all you did was smile at me, kept looking at each other, and right when you were coming to ask me to dance my dad said I had to go And before I left I looked into your eyes and mouthed I'm so sorry You looked into my eyes and mouthed don't worry about it I kept thinking of you in the club last nite Couldn't be happier Just wishin you were here w/ me Than my phone rings and I think (chorus) And the next thing I know we are on our first date and I'm still thinking about the nite in the club, and still singing in my mind (chorus) mm mm be your baby