"A crush on me? I'm the crushee, not the crusher"

Kisses so candy sweet (sweet)
I'm crushin' on you

That thing you do
Makes me lose control
Cause I'm crushin' you
Cause today and forever
I'll be loving you
(Right here baby)

See I'm so confused (should I let you know?)
How I feel for you
And I just can't deny, that im hooked on your love
I know you got those


Kisses so candy sweet (sweet)
I'm begging you on my knees (yeah yeah)
And loving you head to toe
I'm crushin on you (baby baby baby, crushin' crushin')

And if you were mine (I'd never let you go)
Cause you, you blow my mind
And when the time is right
Then I will give myself to you (yeah baby)
And I know that it's you (here with open arms)
Do you feel it too?
I think I'm going insane, still I can't get enough of your love
Oh baby baby baby



I know you really got those!!

[Chorus x3]

Baby baby baby