Eternal Is The End

Out of the ashes of my sadness, weeping away the dust of time, forgetting all the madness in my life I force myself to go beyond horizons even though something tells me to stay here in my little world, imprisoned in my brain
I try to leave behind a past so cruel, blackened times where grief and sadness rule And tomorrow soon will be yesterday

Eternal is the end For years and years I went, believing all the things I said Eternal is the end I walked across these lands, no single word we didn't share So eternal is the end, and will be eternal until the end

It's good to know that I am still alive, even though there's no one at my side So I am waiting for the day that you will cross my way

I am sure, that somewhere out there someone waits to share my innermost, deepest dreams I can't be wrong at all
I will find you, will show you who I am, I will try to do the best I can to give you a reason to catch me when I fall