Private Demon

I was so afraid that I have been too late Because I didn't know where I had to go But then I saw you, everything of you, and then I really knew what I had to do

Baby, I felt down A king without I crown Had nothing to lose nothing wrong to choose Baby, you were fine, wanted to make you mine that night Until the end of time

As you are my private demon slippery
There were so many thoughts that night I couldn't believe
You are my private demon slippery

What is going on? I see one on one, cannot realize what is going on Like a story on a screen, with nothing in between You seem to understand what I really meant
I was in the mood to show my attitude in a direct way nothing more to say No words to describe how this minutes changed my life to better thoughts inside

If there's a time that I'll see this again I know that you are not too far to speak the same truth once again A trip into a thing I do not know Why are we still here? Don't you think it's better for us to