A Country Girl In Paris

A country girl in Paris, Moonlight on the Seine
Memories of Tennessee and Nashville in the rain
It's such a contradiction; a heart that's filled with pain
A country girl in Paris dreamin' Nashville in the rain

She walks along the boulevard Champs-Elysees,
Thinks about a country boy three thousand miles away
Pride is such a hard thing, such a price to pay,
To be all alone in Paris, with true love so far away

Bridge #1

Up upon Montmarte where she stops to rest a while
All the artists look at her and they long to paint her smile
For even in her sorrow there's something in the eyes
That makes the young men jealous and makes the old men sigh

3rd Verse - Instrumental to Bridge #2

Bridge #2

They say the loss of innocence is always linked to pain,
For once the heart is opened, nothing ever is the same
So the evening lends itself to lovers and romance
The way to heal a broken heart: give true love just one more chance

4th Verse: Repeat 1st verse