X-panding Limits

Junkie expanding limits
Funky integration,
record needle shooting doses
host like Moses,
party population,
peeps catch the beat frantic,
poors are pouring strobe lights on
hallucination gives you more and
crazy moods,
stretch the grooves
for the flock
no amuck
Superduper "hi-tec" rock
for the soft knock or hard knock
keep a few bucks
taxi cab after shock
follows the drug
strechtin' on
'till the fever pitch drums
Junkie expands his limits
Show stops,
door pops,
bouncers catch fat nuts,
nigthclubbin' flock
Steppin' slo-mo like sand box
got these souls rollin' stranding like ships and shoals
Satiated, blatant, tainted
Now sanity shows holes,
sleep overcome the ones that followed the God of fun
Honey buns with burns get the watchful eye stunned
Teens get the spirit
exchanging digits from sky pagers
never sane
to ya
the lust is major
catch brothers on the rebound
for skins on the skeez route
Those with wheels,
fleshy feels,
surely got clout
what it's all about,
stretch the funky addiction
line to line,
minds unwind
With the cocaine dissolution
syringe tricks the kick
in private seclusion
chase the rush
it was tough
to loose the kaleidoscopic illusion
Stretch the limit,
kill the cynic
in the human shell
feel the funky
never flunky
in the Junkie XL
Junkie expands his limits