Blood Junkie

A shallow little jackal of a man posing as a hawk
Conniving opportunist
Lease the blade the gun the bomb in the name of justice
A violent panacea for what ails the nation
In advancement for the pig
You'll not wrest the truth from my hands
Eyes never closed clarity
Clamped down in a grip so tight on ordinary horror
Peering through a curtain of blood
Retribution or vengeance it matters not which
As long as the pig stays on top of the ladder of bone his father has built
Ashes to ashes to the dust
Eaten spiced with ambivalence
The nation swallows it all whole
Weakened by their collective neck in the noose
Commerce brings war
Jihad has come to both sides
Eye for an eye fire for fire
Raining death as the towers crumble
This will never end
Left without a choice
By the fiscal elite
War is set in motion by higher powers
A pissing contest for the unknown
Left bankrupt we all die inside
As a couple jumps hand in hand to their death
Wrapped in swaddling lies and laid in a dumpster
Spoon fed shit doesn't even turn their stomachs
Gaping mouths yawn for more abuse
Someone needs to tip the nest
The pig ascends
As I sink deeper
Seething misanthropic
Waiting for my death