The Quickening

I'mma be alright / live my life as long as I'm alive / I ride on
five eighty but I'm not an eighty fiver / usually exit High / enough to
fly like Egyptian gliders / bringing the message to the Black man like
Elijah / Honorable did I mention? / No dissent among the strivers / no
tension / the fights are just the lessons / in life / I'm a subscriber to
the Call / that's final / fiend for the knowledge / like my DJ feinds for
vinyl / hold the microphone like a habitual user / like winos clutch wine
bottles in my (their) death grotto / until my skin gets mottled / don't
expect to get coddled / cuz see me patna / I wasn't raised in no family
that got up to pops reading stocks / it was more like he was down the block
at my uncles' / rollin' up chops, gettin' off knocks, / had the whole damn
neigborhood on lock, / back before the game was hard, like rocks, yet
lightweight like glocks / this shit don't stop / it's as frightening as the
idea of a Million / Black men marching on Washington / might have been to
some people / but then only if we're not equal as / shoulders get colder,
individuals get older and bolder / I aint buyin' what they sold ya I'm a
soldier / the Warriors first round number one pick like Joe Smith / thought
I told ya I aint average / I manage to move my mandible rapidly to scold ya
/ got a powerfull rol(e)l as flamby as the average niggas plan B / outta be
runnin shit in 96 ala Marcus Camby can be can he do it? / all night / 'til
the early morning breakadawn light / I flow like fluid out ya spicket,
rough and wicked when I kick it yet / Righteous / and I might just never
even quit / because it's only to the will of Allah that I submit /
Righteous / and I might just never ever quit / because it's only to the
will of Jah that I submit like that